"Business should help business"

What does B2B mean?

B2B is a term that defines the type of information and economic interaction, classified by the type of interacting entities, in this case, these are legal entities that do not work for the end consumer, but for the same companies, that is, for another business.

To date, the use of e-Commerce tools in the B2B system has become widespread. In the field of B2B, goods are purchased for the purpose of carrying out further work, that is, for business. Companies usually buy raw materials or supplies when they can't do without them. When choosing a supplier of a product or service, business leaders focus on closing the main professional needs and a low price.


In the B2B model, this is an organization, company, enterprise, holding company, legal entity, concern, or company.


The B2C model includes individuals, individuals, and end users.

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